Politics of UFOs/Disclosure Town Hall Meeting
Santa Clara Convention Center at Great America
Santa Clara, CA      October 13     6:30 - 10 pm

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If you want to see more events like this as well as a number
of other political initiatives aimed at ending the UFO/ET coverup
once and for all, please consider making a contribution to X-PPAC.

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This event is a public service of X-PPAC and its cosponsors.
Admission is free.   Seating is first come, first seated.
It will be very helpful, if those planning to attend
would email the size of their party to:  exppac@aol.com
If attendance projections surpass the theater seating, the
Great America Ballroom will be secured to handle the overflow.
A projection screen showing the Town Hall would be set up.


Campaign Invitations

The following invitations were sent out on Wednesday, September 13,
to seven presidential campaigns and three California Senate campaigns

XTo: Medea Benjamin (Green, CA)
Status: Declined due to a schedule
       conflict with a fund raiser.


X To: Harry Browne (Libertarian)
x     Status: Harry Browne and Art Olivier
         declined the 7 dates profferred

XTo: Patrick Buchanan (Reform)
x     Status: Repeated efforts (10) to get a
       response from the campaign failed. 

XTo: Hon George W. Bush (Republican)
Gov. Bush or Secretary Cheney
       declined the 7 dates proffered

XTo: Tom Campbell  (Republican, CA)
       Status: Delclined.  No interest in the
       subject whatsoever.


XTo: Hon.Dianne Feinstein (Democrat, CA)
       Status: Sen. Feinstein declined to attend.

XTo: Hon. Albert Gore (Democratic)
       Status: VP Gore or Senator Lieberman

       declined the 7 dates proffered


XTo: John Hagelin  (Natural Law)
       Status: Dr. Hagelin and Nat Goldhaber
       declined the 7 dates proffered


X To: Ralph Nader  (Green)
         Status: In negotiation
XToHoward Phillips  (Constitution)
       Status: Howard Phillips declined the
       7 dates proffered

X To: Gail LIghtfoot  (Libertarian, CA)
         Status: In negotiation



Media Interviews

Speakers will be available for media interviews
before the event in the
Green Room:  5:45 - 6:30 pm

and after the event is over at approximately 9:30 pm


Media Responses
(Where appropriate)




[more to be added]

Alien Zoo
Destination Space
East Bay Contact & Support Network
Enterprise Mission
Global Strategies Project
Hickman Report
Paradigm Research Group
Skywatch International
Surfing the Apocalypse
UFO Magazine
United Light Group


Town Hall Meeting Schedule

[still subject to change]

Town Hall:


6:30 - 7:00
7:00 - 8:45
8:45 - 9:15
9:15 - 10:00
10:00 - 10:30

Candidates / Q&A
Panel Q&A


Event Features

This event will in many respects be modeled after town hall meetings held
by ABC Nightline over the past two decades on a range of issues.

A series of speakers will make concise statements as to their personal experience
with the subjects at hand.  Candidates present will then make statements
one at a time and take Q&A.   After the candidates have finished, a large
panel Q&A will take place and close out the event.   There will be an extensive
opportunity for the audience to express their concerns and ask their questions.


To assist those candidates who agree to appear, a dozen experienced
professionals have made themselves available to provide pre-event
phone briefings to those candidates who request background.

Looking for some good questions to ask?
Go to:
  Campaign 2000: Get out the Questions

[ more info about special guests and
other features pending ]


Candidate Contact Information

Is it your view that individuals seeking high office should be
prepared to speak to the UFO/ET/Disclosure/Cover-up issues?
Yes?  Then let them know they should consider being in Santa Clara.

If you do email a campaign, please copy X-PPAC at:


California Senate Campaign

Dianne Feinstein (Democrat)

E-mail:   senator@feinstein.senate.gov
Fax:  310-282-8030  (only if you cannot e-mail!)

Tom Campbell  (Republican)

E-mail Form:  www.campbell.org/townhall/index.cfm?FuseAction=dsp_c
Fax:  408-904-4663  (only if you cannot e-mail!)

Medea Benjamin (Green)

E-mail: info@medeaforsenate.org
Fax:  415-701-7092  (only if you cannot e-mail!)

Gail Lightfoot (Libertarian)



Presidential Campaign

Buchanan/Foster Campaign (Reform)

E-mail:  schedule@buchananreform.com
Fax:  703-734-2705  (only if you cannot e-mail!)

Browne/Olivier Campaign (Libertarian)

E-mail:  info@HarryBrowne2000.org
Fax:   801-650-8301  (only if you cannot e-mail!)

Hagelin/Goldhaber Campaign (Natural Law)

E-mail:  info@natural-law.org
Fax:  515-472-2011  (only if you cannot e-mail!)

Nader/LaDuke Campaign (Green)

E-mail:  campaign@votenader.org [has been bouncing, so try:
Fax:  202-265-0183  (only if you cannot e-mail!)

Phillips Campaign (Constitutional)

E-mail:  hq@constitutionparty.com
Fax:  703-281-4108  (only if you cannot e-mail!)

Gore/Lieberman Campaign (Democrat)

E-mail:   townhall@algore2000.com

Alabama:  alabama@mail.algore.com
Arizona:   arizona@mail.algore.com
Arkansas:  arkansas@mail.algore.com
California:  california@algore2000.com
Colorado:  colorado@mail.algore.com
Connecticut:  connecticut@mail.algore.com
Florida:  florida@mail.algore.com
Georgia:  georgia@mail.algore.com
Illinois:  illinois@mail.algore.com
Indiana:  indiana@mail.algore.com
Kansas:  kansas@mail.algore.com
Louisiana:  louisiana@mail.algore.com

Maryland:  maryland@mail.algore.com
Massachusetts:  massachusetts@mail.algore.com
Michigan:  michiganvictory2000@yahoo.com
Minnesota:  mngl2000@hotmail.com
Missouri:  missouri@mail.algore.com
Montana:  montana@mail.algore.com
Nebraska:  nebraska@mail.algore.com
New Hampshire:   newhampshire@mail.algore.com
New Mexico:  newmexico@mail.algore.com
New York:  newyork@algore2000.com
North Carolina:  northcarolina@mail.algore.com
Ohio:  OH4Gore@worldnet.att.net
Oklahoma:  oklahoma@mail.algore.com
Oregon:  oregon@algore.com
Tennessee:  gorecorps@gorenet.com
Washington:  gore2000washington@earthlink.net

 Fax:   615-340-3160    (only if you cannot e-mail!)


Bush/Cheney Campaign (Republican)

E-mail:  via your state address below

Alaska:  alaska@georgewbush.com
Alabama:  alabama@georgewbush.com
Arkansas:   arkansas@georgewbush.com
Arizona:  arizona@georgewbush.com
California:  california@georgewbush.com
Colorado:  colorado@georgewbush.com
Connecticut:  connecticut@georgewbush.com
District of Columbia:  dc@georgewbush.com
Delaware:  delaware@georgewbush.com
Florida:  florida@georgewbush.com
Georgia:  georgia@georgewbush.com
Hawaii:  hawaii@georgewbush.com
Iowa:  iowa@georgewbush.com
Idaho:  idaho@georgewbush.com
Illinois:  illinois@georgewbush.com
Indiana:  indiana@georgewbush.com
Kansas:  kansas@georgewbush.com
Kentucky:  kentucky@georgewbush.com
Louisiana:  louisiana@georgewbush.com
Massachusetts:  massachusetts@georgewbush.com
Maryland:  maryland@georgewbush.com
Maine:  maine@georgewbush.com
Michigan:  michigan@georgewbush.com
Minnesota:  minnesota@georgewbush.com
Missouri:  missouri@georgewbush.com
Mississippi:  mississippi@georgewbush.com
Montana:  montana@georgewbush.com
North Carolina:  northcarolina@georgewbush.com
North Dakota:  northdakota@georgewbush.com
Nebraska:  nebraska@georgewbush.com
New Hampshire:  newhampshire@georgewbush.com
New Jersey:  newjersey@georgewbush.com
New Mexico:  newmexico@georgewbush.com
Nevada:  nevada@georgewbush.com
New York:  newyork@georgewbush.com
Ohio:  ohio@georgewbush.com
Oregon:  oregon@georgewbush.com
Pennsylvania:  pennsylvania@georgewbush.com
Rhode Island:  rhodeisland@georgewbush.com
South Carolina:  southcarolina@georgewbush.com
South Dakota:  southdakota@georgewbush.com
Tennessee:  tennessee@georgewbush.com
Texas:  texas@georgewbush.com
Utah:  utah@georgewbush.com
Virginia:  virginia@georgewbush.com
Vermont:  vermont@georgewbush.com
Washington:  washington@georgewbush.com
Wisconsin:  wisconsin@georgewbush.com
West Virginia:  westvirginia@georgewbush.com
Wyoming:  wyoming@georgewbush.com

 Fax: 512-344-4699   (only if you cannot e-mail!)


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