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Important Links

Links to sites below focus on secrecy reform, militarization of space, intelligence abuse and related matters. For an extensive linked index of UFO/ET related websites, go to the Paradigm Clock.  

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Accuracy in Media was founded by Reed Irvine in 1969 and addresses accuracy and fairness in both reporting and the treatment of journalists.  AIM takes on the tough issues.

American Civil
Liberties Union

The ACLU has launched a major effort targeting Echelon, and of course, it is the best known organization in the world defending citizen rights.

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While very informative, this site is supported by and highly favorable to the intelligence community.   Nevertheless, it is important to understand how the intelligence community views itself.

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The Freedom of Information Act has been one of the most extraordinary propaganda and information management tools every created by a state.  Here is the CIA FOIA site.

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Held an historic press conference in Washington on May 9, 2001, where testimony from 75 government/agency witnesses was presented to national and international media. Downstream impact was temporarily muted by terrorist attacks on the US, but will regain momentum in 2002.


An extensive site published by the ACLU along with the Free Congress Foundation, Electronic Privacy Information Center,   Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK) and Omega Foundation.

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Is engaged in analysis and advocacy on science, technology and public policy concerning global security.   It is one of the leading watchdogs of secrecy abuse in the United States.

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Free Congress Foundation is a conservative think tank, which among other issues, addresses abuses by the government in matters of secrecy and the use of technology to reduce and invade privacy.

Global Network Against
Weapons and
Nuclear Power
in Space

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Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space. Organization run by Bruce K. Gagnon which addresses the increasingly complex issues surrounding space weaponization, space militarization, missile defense, and more.

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Institute for Cooperation in Space.  Organization founded by Carol Rosin, Daniel Sheehan and Alfred Webre to support efforts for a space weapons ban treaty.

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Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington.  An excellent example of the kind of religious organization that might play an important role in adjusting to the post disclosure world.

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The James Madison Project is a Washington, D.C. non-profit organization that was established in 1998, to promote government accountability and the reduction of secrecy, as well as to educate the public on issues relating to intelligence and national security through means of research, advocacy and the dissemination of information.

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Methaba.net political links directory.  One of the morecomprehensive directories of its type on the net.

National Aeronautics
& Space Act of 1958

(as amended)

The important legislation by which NASA was created.  Wording within the Act which directly addresses NASA's relationship with the DoD are highlighted in red.

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Some UFO/ET researchers believe the CIA is assigned too big a role in the UFO/ET cover-up.  The NSA is considered the major player.  Here is a most interesting page of NSA UFO documents located in response to numerous requests received by NSA on the subject of UFOs as part of an historic Civil Action No. 80-1562, CAUS v. National Security Agency.


One of the most important documents with the power to affect the issue of the militarization of space.  If you care about someday having weapons of mass destruction passing overhead, you should familiarize yourself with this treaty.

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A nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free legal help to journalists and news organizations since 1970.

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A political activist site aimed at putting the public in touch with their political and business leaders on a range of issues. Very handy.

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One of many commercial sites published and in development offering easy access to the issues and the Congress. 

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A comprehensive site with extensive material and links relating to the Echelon surveillance system, NSA, etc.

Write_your_rep.jpg (9601 bytes) Write Your Rep  An important page at the House of Representatives website in which you can identify your Representative and the address for mailing a letter.  It should be pointed out that letters have the highest impact on House members, followed by faxes and lastly email which is least impacting due to the quantity received by the members.

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