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6/26/06 Update
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Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee            

Paradigm Research Group
Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee

Update - June 26, 2006

Exopolitics World Hub

PRG has formally set up a new website, Exopolitics World Hub.   The ambitious goal of this project is to link together one website from each of 32 key countries - all with the same URL formats, i.e., www.exopoliticsunitedstates.us,    www.exopoliticscanada.ca,    www.exopoliticsfrance.fr,   etc .    Each site would provide links and information regarding exopolitical developments within that country.   Ideally all sites would be published in the principal language of the country and in English.    Sites for the United States (by PRG) and Italy have been published.   Canada and Turkey are pending.   Each country may design their site as they wish, but all are welcome to draw upon the design format for  www.exopolitidsunitedstates.us.    The consistency in URL and design formats will enhance the perception of an organized network.

It is expected that once these sites are operational and receiving traffic, they will quickly rise to the top listings on Google and other search engines creating a powerful sense of a global exopolitical movement.

Anyone who believes they are positioned to create and maintain a participating site for one of these countries, please contact PRG at your earliest convenience.  Individuals living in the respective country are much preferred.

X-Conference #3


The new target date for the 3rd X-Conference is now April 2007 in the Washington, DC area.   Let's face it, 2006 is proving to be an awful year, another annus horribilis, best forgotten.  After December 31 let's not speak of it again.  PRG will have to raise $50,000 to rectify the event franchise and commit to the third conference.  The effort continues.

X-PPAC Congressional Alert

Few things are more disconcerting in these troubling times than for a politically minded and observant person to watch the Congress of the United States of America stumbling around in the hallowed halls and chambers of the Capitol Building looking for a spine.  While the hunt proceeds X-PPAC will continue to point out the obvious to the esteemed Members: 1) there is an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race, 2) many people in the government and the military are well aware of this, 3) many of same have begun to speak out publicly, 4) nevertheless, the United States Government continues to maintain a truth embargo and deny the issue, 5) this truth embargo is no longer acceptable and must be resolved in favor of the public's right to know, and most importantly 6) extraordinary technology which could save countless lives and solve major problem faced by all nations remains hostage to this truth embargo and to those leaders who do not trust their own citizens and place the development of weaponry above all else.

This most recent Congressional Alert brings to the attention of Congress the availability of a new book, Majic Eyes Only: Earth's Encounters with Extraterrestrial Technology by Ryan S. White and a new project by PRG (see below).

PRG Quotes Page

PRG has assembled from multiple sources a powerful compilation of selected written and spoken quotes from persons of rank and accomplishment.  The near term goal is to expand this section to 100 listings.  Quotes were selected on the basis of an unambiguous relationship to the validity of an extraterrestrial presence and the history of government posture toward this presence.  Such a compilation can be very useful to advocacy, but its usefulness is directly dependent upon full sourcing: date, event, location, book, interview, etc.

Please email PRG if you can provide information pertaining to:  1) the validity of a quote,  2) the accuracy of a quote, 3) the provenance of a quote, or 4)  have a suggested quote for inclusion in the PRG Quotes Page.    Thanks.

Paradigm Research Group
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Spread the word about X-PPAC and the politics of disclosure.
Contribute online at: www.x-ppac.org/Contribute.html
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4938 Hampden Lane, #161, Bethesda, MD 20814 s [email protected] s 202-215-8344


 12/1/05 Update
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Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee            

X-PPAC/PRG Update - December 1, 2005

Paul Hellyer/Canadian Election  (Developing)

At the Exopolitics Toronto Symposium on September 25 former Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister, Paul Hellyer, made an unambiguous statement as to an extraterrestrial presence.    Since then he has continued to speak out and the Canadian press has continue to cover the issue.

Now the Canadian government has been dissolved and a new election has been scheduled for January 23.    This offers an unprecedented opportunity for exopolitics to be a factor in a parliamentary election creating a new government.  All Canadians are encouraged to ask the candidates in their district and the leaders of the competing parties - Martin, Harper, etc. - to speak openly and candidly to this matter.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Hellyer   (Wikipedia entry)
http://news.yahoo.com/s/prhttp://bs_prweb/prweb314382_1  (Yahoo News)
www.edmontonsun.com/News/Canada/2005/11/26/pf-1324951.html   (Edmonton Sun)


The Google search protocol lists sites in order of frequency of request and linkage.   For that reason it is notable that when a restricted search for "political action committee" is entered, the 14th listing out of 1,680,000 is X-PPAC.    For perspective, MoveOn.org is the 18th listing.

X-PPAC may not have raised the money of a MoveOn.org (in excess of $100 million), but many know of it, and when the American people are ready to end the truth embargo once and for all and provide the funding required, X-PPAC will be there.

San Francisco Appearance

PRG Executive Director Stephen Bassett will talk exopolitics in San Francisco on December 13.     For full details see: http://livingdirectory.net/display/events.php?login_group=FF

Need to Know Radio - KTLK 1150 AM -  Air America
December 3 - Saturday, 11 pm - 1 am PST

Stephen Bassett and Alfred Webre will talk Exopolitics with Bill Jenkins


Past PRG Updates are located at:

Past X-PPAC Updates are located at:

Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee
URL: www.x-ppac.org
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 202-215-8344
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Spread the word about X-PPAC and the politics of disclosure.
Contribute online at: www.x-ppac.org/Contribute.html
or mail to: 4938 Hampden Lane,161 Bethesda, MD 20814

4938 Hampden Lane, #161, Bethesda, MD 20814 s [email protected] s 202-215-8344


8/2/04 Update
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Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee            

Update - August 2, 2004

"The first thing you need when the barn's on fire is not water - it's a bucket."
Old saying.

The coming election will be one of the most important in American history.  Much is at stake, and at the center of the swirl of issues being played out is the matter of "truth in government."    This core includes: secrecy reform, abuse of power, and of course, disclosure.

The Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee (X-PPAC) is a bucket created in 1999 by Paradigm Research Group.  It awaits being filled by a public motivated to influence political candidates and incumbents on these critical issues.  When that happens, X-PPAC will utilize these funds to put pressure on the participants in the unfolding election to deal with disclosure and other truth in government issues.

There are 90 days to the next election.   X-PPAC can be a factor in Washington, if the following goals can be obtained:

20  $5000 (limit) contributors:    $ 100,000
100         $1000 contributors:    $ 100,000
1000         $100 contributors:    $ 100,000
10,000        $25 contributors:    $ 250,000
          Total:     $550,000

The very fact of such funding to a political action committee with the aims of X-PPAC would send a shock wave throughout Washington, DC before a single dollar was spent.  Regular updates will go out showing how this fund raising effort is proceeding in each category.

Paradigm Research Group has done its best to advocate truth in government since 1996.   With your help, it can do much, much more.  Please consider contributing to X-PPAC and passing this message on to friends and family.


Only United States citizens or Green Card holders may contribute to a political action committee - no corporations.   The annual limit per person is $5000.   Any person contributing $200 or more per year must also provide their address, occupation and name of employer.  (This is to help insure corporations are not forcing employees to contribute to a PAC with or without reimbursement.)   Contributions are NOT tax deductible, but the political action committee operates with a tax free status.


You can contribute via PayPal at the X-PPAC website:  www.x-ppac.org.    However, 3% of all such contributions go to the credit card processor.  To ensure all of your funds go to X-PPAC, contribute by mailing a check or money order to the address below.  Please let X-PPAC know if you wish to be acknowledged by name, amount, city and state on the X-PPAC website.

If you believe truth is the critical component to a just and successful society and disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence must not be further withheld from the American people, your funding support is needed for X-PPAC to advocate these goals.

Best Regards,
Stephen Bassett
Executive Director

4938 Hampden Lane, #161, Bethesda, MD 20814 s [email protected] s 202-215-8344


2/4/02 Update
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Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee            

Update - February 6, 2002

Matching Contributions


As in 2001, the Executive Director of X-PPAC will match all contributions during the first quarter of 2002 (through March
31) up to the personal annual limit of $5000.  Contributions can be mailed to the address below or via credit card at the website.

X-PPAC recently received a $1000 contribution from Donna Dixon Aykroyd, wife of Dan Aykroyd.   Many thanks to Donna and all those who have invested in ending the truth embargo.

Campaign 2002: Get out the questions.

Whatever your political affiliation, the mid-term elections of 2002 are shaping up to be extremely important on many levels.   As in 2000, X-PPAC has suggested a number of questions to be asked of candidates when the opportunity presents.

Congressional candidates often expect to "buy" your vote and do not want to be asked tough questions.   They want to avoid truly controversial issues.   Why should getting elected be difficult?   If you know the answer to that one, help bring these questions to the microphones of campaign stops across the country.

Those with websites are asked to put up a section on their site with UFO/ET questions for the candidates and/or link to the X-PPAC page given above.

And everyone is asked to cut, paste and print out questions to use at the next campaign speech, town hall meeting or radio call-in show."   If you do not make these candidates accountable to this issue, they will continue to skate free of their responsibilities.

ABC's Sam Donaldson

On the first 2002 broadcast of ABC's "This Week" with Sam Donaldson and Cokie Roberts, Sam once again repeated his New Year resolution that this would be the year we would make contact with extraterrestrials.

X-PPAC is making every effort to inform Sam (one of the good guys in this town) that extraterrestrial contact is "old news" and he can change his resolution to, "this is the year we finally have open congressional hearings and the UFO/ET cover-up comes to an end."

Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS)

Carol Rosin, Daniel Sheehan and Alfred Webre have founded a new organization to support the effort to achieve national and international space weapons ban treaties.   It is called the Institute for Cooperation in Space.   

Dr. Edgar Mitchell is the Chairman of the Advisory Board and Sir Arthur C. Clarke is the Honorary Chairman of the Board.

The ICIS website is perhaps the best venue to examine and follow the progress of the H.R. 3616, the Space Preservation Act of 2002 introduced by Congressman Dennis Kucinich as well as the Space Preservation Treaty intended to replace the  Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty.   Kucinich is a leader of  the House Progressive Caucus.

The issues behind and in front of this legislation are of  considerable importance.     Should this legislation come to the floors of the House and Senate, some of the most intense debate in the history of Congress could take place.

However the outcome, it is X-PPAC's position the failure of the United States government to formally acknowledge the presence of extraterrestrial life forms (disclosure) leaves a gaping hole in the matrix of information the public and Congress should have to properly make policy in these matters.  It is hoped the final disposition of the human race towards the use of space will in substantial part be based upon and include the awareness of the presence of non-human intelligence about the earth and not on 55 years of government disinformation.


The Washington Times recently reported on the progress of In-Q-Tel (formerly In-Q-It) the CIA's private venture capital company.    Over the past two years In-Q-Tel has invested about $60 million in startup companies.   As expected (by X-PPAC) the focus was on data mining and web browser technologies.    So far no one in the Washington political press has found anything concerning about the Central Intelligence Agency having seed money/insider capital positions in emerging companies, and thus being in a position to quietly influence the structure, intent and security aspects of new commercial technology.

New NASA Deputy Administrator

Major General Charles F. Bolden, is to be appointed Deputy Administrator of NASA.   Major Bolden is a former astronaut and is currently running the Third Marine Aircraft Wing in San Diego.  He was a shuttle commander and earlier served as assistant deputy administrator.

X-PPAC notes the strong military/defense background of the new NASA second in command and that of the new NASA Administrator, Sean O'Keefe, who, prior to his appointment as the Secretary of the Navy under George H. W. Bush, served as Comptroller and Chief Financial Officer of the Department of Defense.  Before joining Defense Secretary Dick Cheney's Pentagon management, he served on the United States Senate Committee on Appropriations, where he was Staff Director of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee.

Contact and Close Encounters

(On a lighter note.)   If a formal disclosure event were close at hand, one thing to look for would be a substantial increase in television airings of two movies, Contact and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.   Of all the portrayals of contact in movies, these two come closest to the likely sense and tenor of such an event.    Assuming media cooperation could be obtained, dense televising of these movies in advance might be viewed as helpful. 

Referring to the four major networks, two minor networks and the principal cable channels (NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, WB, UPN, TBS, TCM, TNT, USA, Bravo, AMC, Family, Life, Sci-FI, and FX) and excluding the premium cable channels, during the fourth quarter of 2001,   Close Encounters had one airing and Contact had one airing (notably on NBC).

So far in the first quarter of 2002:

Jan. 6  TBS  8 pm,  Jan. 7  TBS  1am,  Jan 11 TBS  10 pm,  Jan 12  TBS  3:30 pm

Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Jan 12  TBS   1 am


4938 Hampden Lane, #161, Bethesda, MD 20814 s [email protected] s 202-215-8344


10/2/01 Update
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Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee            

Update - October 2, 2001

MSNBC  Series

MSNBC is about to launch a 5-part series by Michael Moran titled:  The Secret Empire: The U.S. Military in the 20th Century.

This is the first time that X-PPAC has seen this terminology, "The Secret Empire," used by a mainstream news entity to refer to the U.S. military/intel complex.   Update recipients are strongly encourage to check out this series.

Event  (note university venue)

Missouri MUFON, under the guidance of State Director Bruce Widaman, will present "Flying Saucers Hidden History 2001" on Nov. 3 at the University of Missouri at St. Louis.  The program in the J. C. Penny Auditorium will get underway at 9 a.m. and conclude at 9: p.m.  The theme of the all-day program is disclosure of the government cover-up of UFO information.

Speakers include Stanton Friedman, author of Crash at Corona and Top Secret/Majic; Richard Dolan, author of UFOs and the National Security   State (reviewed in January, 2001, Journal); and Dr. Carol Rosin of ICIS.

Contact Widaman at 800-489-4UFO or P. O. Box 643, St. Charles, MO 63302.

Upcoming Media Appearances/Presentations (Bassett)

KWHL FM 106.5,  Anchorage,  October 3,  7:30 pm  EDT
Webcast:   www.kwhl.com

KTRS AM 550,  St. Louis, October 12, 11 pm EDT
Webcast:  www.550ktrs.com/pages/listenonline.htm

Baltimore, MD presentation,   October 21,  1 pm EDT
For info e-mail:  [email protected]

Time to Coalition

With the drive for congressional hearings moved to the side by world events, this is a time for organizations within the field to come together with each other and possibly with receptive organizations tangential to the issues at hand.

Only a broadbased structure with political clout will be able to influence disclosure and post-disclosure government policies and actions.

4938 Hampden Lane, #161, Bethesda, MD 20814 s [email protected] s 202-215-8344


9/7/01 Update
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Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee            

Update - September 7, 2001

The X-PPAC website poll

For the past year a question has been posed by a popup on the main page of the X-PPAC web site (www.x-ppac.org).  It is unambiguous and is stated thus:

                          "Are you convinced that intelligent, extraterrestrial
                                    life forms are visiting our planet, now?"

Earlier this week the vote total reached 10,000. This is not a scientific poll.   There has most certainly been double voting (padding).  Some of that, however,  would have canceled out.   That being the case, it is still quite notable that for the past months the breakdown has been steady at 73% yes, 21% no, 6% no opinion.   73% is a remarkable number.  Further, it would be reasonable to assume that some of the 21% no's, while not convinced, are leaning toward a positive response.   

This does not represent the view of the general public, which polls out at around 20% yes to questions with this degree of certainty.   Rather it represents the view of those people who have visited the X-PPAC website - meaning they have a high degree of interest in this subject.   Based upon UFO/ET television ratings, the ratings for radio programs and the reported level of web search engine activity, the number of people in the nation with this level of interest may well exceed 20 million.

73% of 20 million is 15 million people.   In light of the closeness of the recent congressional and presidential elections, it is appropriate to consider how much political power a focused representation of these citizens interests would project.  More on this soon.

Bay Area UFO Expo - September 15-16

Stephen Bassett, the executive director of X-PPAC, will give the keynote presentation at the Saturday banquet for the Bay Area UFO Expo in Santa Clara, CA.   Information on this conference is available at:   www.bayareaufoexpo.com

Bassett will also be attending the IUFO Congress in Laughlin, NV the following week (information at: www.ufocongress.com) and looks forward to getting feedback on how to pursue the politics of the disclosure process.

Congressional Alerts

Periodically X-PPAC faxes all members of both houses in order to maintain a constant level of pressure toward congressional action.   This also serves to inform the congressional staff whose job it is  to triage incoming faxes.   What legislative aides see regarding this subject is critical to potential member decisions.    You can review these alerts at:    www.x-ppac.org/Alerts.html.

The OSTP Documents

Earlier this year Canadian researcher, Grant Cameron, used the FOIA to obtain 88 documents from the Office of Science and Technology Policy (John Gibbons) in the Clinton White House.  These documents confirm the political initiative funded and led by Laurance Rockefeller which targeted the Clinton administration from 1993 to 1995 in and effort to end the UFO cover-up.

This is important work. Cameron has also written an excellent white paper which draws upon these documents and can be viewed at:  www.x-ppac.org/OSTP.html.

That these documents were released with almost no redaction is quite interesting.  Under the FOIA nothing is released unless the agency targeted wants it released.  Despite what the public thinks, the FOIA is not a force majeure. The OSTP must have known that confirmation of the Rockefeller initiative would be reintroduced to the political press, which did not cover the story the first time around. That is exactly what is happening.

Given that Daniel Sheehan and Alfred Webre are publicly discussing their firsthand knowledge of the Carter administration's interest in the UFO/ET question, the press is learning there are now two living ex-presidents who attempted to address the politics of the UFO cover-up and were shut down.

What is now needed is pressure on Clinton and Carter to speak out in concert.

Bush Backs Away from the Shelby Provision

A provision to the upcoming intelligence appropriations bill, which some have called a "national secrets act" has been set aside for now.   The provision sponsor, Senator Richard C. Shelby (R-Ala.), has not gotten the support of the Bush administration.  A similar proposal was vetoed by Clinton.

A hearing by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence to address this proposal has also been canceled.  

This is a positive sign from the current administration that developing demands for secrecy reform are being heard.  Perhaps it is an invitation to raise other issues.    See:

Editorial in "The Hill"     www.hillnews.com/090501/editorial.shtm

FAS editorial by Aftergood   www.fas.org/sgp/news/2001/08/wt082701.html

Washington Post article - September 5, 20001

Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS)

A new organization has been founded by Carol Rosin, Daniel Sheehan and Alfred Webre to address the controversial issues surrounding the further weaponization of space by the United States.    ICIS is behind a bill about to be introduced by Rep.Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) to ban weapons in space.   Canada and Japan are also working to develop a space weapons ban treaty.

This new development is notable because Rosin, Sheehan and  Webre are part of the brain trust behind the Disclosure Project.  This creates interesting possibilities for the political media and will be watched carefully.

See news release at the ICIS website:    http://www.peaceinspace.com/

Hunger Strike - An Activist Gained

Lara Johnstone, a Berkeley, CA woman, has tied a hunger strike to candidate Bush's promise to Charles Huffer during the campaign that as president he would be forthcoming on the UFO/ET issue.  Lara is an experienced activist and knows what she is doing.  She is very articulate and has brought considerable media attention to the Bush/Huffer encounter.

The "hunger strike" has a long tradition as a nonviolent method of protest.  It should surprise no one that the full range of activist options will be utilized to engage a government imposed embargo on the truth of an extraterrestrial reality. You  can follow her progress at: www.bushufodisclosure.org

An Activist Lost

Those who champion truth being the foundation of our nation's space policy lost a good friend recently with the passing of David Laverty much too young from Lymphoma cancer.

A wonderful appreciation of David by Kynthia can be viewed at:

4938 Hampden Lane, #161, Bethesda, MD 20814 s [email protected] s 202-215-8344


5/10/01 Update
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Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee            

Update - May 10, 2001

Disclosure Project Press Conference

By any reasonable criteria, the press conference held
at the National Press Club on the morning of May 9 by the Disclosure Project, which is headed by Dr. Steven Greer, was a solid success.

For information on the testimony and other events to follow, go to:  www.disclosureproject.org

For links to the media coverage, go to:  www.x-ppac.org/DP_Media_Links.htm

Webcast Jamming

According to management of ConnectLive.com, which was airing the webcast of the Disclosure Project press conference, they were hit with sophisticated jamming. They had never experience anything like it in the  hundreds of webcast the had conducted.  It was not hacking and it was not the result bandwidth.

As a result the webcast was down for about 10 to 15% of the time.  They received hundreds of queries as to what the problem was.

However, the press conference will be archived in its entirety for the next six months at;
and a link to this will be up at:

X-PPAC Media Schedule (Stephen Bassett)

Saturday, May 12
KTSA AM 550 San Antonio
CyberCity with Jack Landman
9:10 pm EDT
Webcast:  http://www.ktsa.com/

Stange Days.............Indeed with Errol Bruce Knapp
CFRB AM 1010  Toronto
10:30 pm EDT
Webcast:  http://www.cfrb.com/

4938 Hampden Lane, #161, Bethesda, MD 20814 s [email protected] s 202-215-8344


5/1/01 Update
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Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee    

Update - May 1, 2001

Grant Cameron and Dick Cheney

Congratulations to Grant Cameron (who is an X-PPAC Updates recipient) for his excellent maneuver in which he got in an important question on the UFO/ET reality into Vice President Dick Cheney on the Diane Rehm Show in Washington, DC on April 11.

The Diane Rehm (pronounced Ream) program is a highly regarded public political talk program on WAMU 98.5 (American University).   Here in Grant's own words is the accounting of that:

From: Grant Cameron <[email protected]>
Date: 11 Apr 2001 09:44:43 -0700
Fwd Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 12:56:18 -0400
Subject: Dick Cheney Questioned On UFOs - 04-11-01

This morning on the Diane Rehm show [www.wamu.org/dr/index.html] I asked a UFO question of Vice-President Dick Cheney.  A rough outline of the question:

"Due to a statement made by George Bush last July there is a vicious story going around the UFO community that you have been "read into" the UFO program."

"My question is, in the jobs that you have had with the government have you ever been briefed on the subject of UFOs. If so, when was it, and what were you told?"

I was cut off before I could hear the answer but the first words of Cheney answer were "If I had been briefed..."

The audio of this one hour show can be heard by going to the archives at the Rehm home page. It should be up tomorrow April 12.  My question is the first one 40 minutes into the interview.

[Archived at: www.wamu.org/dr/shows/drarc_010409.html  April 11]

Matching Funds

As of May 1, X-PPAC had received $980 in contributions for 2001.  That amount was matched by the X-PPAC Executive Director.   See:  www.x-ppac.org/Financial.html

Disclosure Project  

[Forward of press release received by X-PPAC.]
PRESS RELEASE - April 26, 2001

For Immediate Release


Washington, DC - On Wednesday, May 9th, over twenty military, intelligence, government, corporate and scientific witnesses will come forward at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to establish the reality of UFOs as extraterrestrial vehicles, the presence of advanced extraterrestrial life forms, and sequestered advanced energy and propulsion technologies.   The weight of this firsthand testimony, along with supporting government documentation and other evidence, will establish without any doubt the reality of these phenomena, according to Dr. Steven M. Greer, director of the Disclosure Project, which is hosting the event.

The Disclosure Project [http://www.disclosureproject.org], a nonprofit research organization, is calling for open Congressional hearings taking testimony on events and evidence relating to an extraterrestrial presence. The only Congressional hearings held previously were conducted in 1968 by the House Science and Astronautics Committee (90th Congress, 2nd Session, Committee Print No. 7. "Symposium Unidentified Flying Objects.";)

The Project has identified several hundred witnesses throughout the world and spanning every branch of the armed services,  the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), DIA, CIA, NASA, Russia. UK, and other agencies and countries.   Over 100 have been videotaped; 70 have been transcribed into edited testimony. Videotaped summary of the testimony and an in-depth briefing document with witness transcripts will be available at the press conference.

Among the witnesses attending the event are:John Callahan, former Division Chief of the Accidents and Investigations Branch, FAA; Master Sergeant Dan Morris, former US Air Force and NRO operative with cosmic top secret clearance; Dr. Carol Rosin, space missile defense consultant and former spokesperson for Wernher Von Braun; Major George A. Filer III, former Air Force Intelligence; Graham Bethune, retired Navy commander pilot with a top-secret clearance; Michael Smith, former Air Traffic Controller, US Air Force; Sergeant Clifford Stone, United States Army; Lt. Col. Robert Salas, former SAC Launch Controller, US Air Force and FAA.

"These testimonies establish once and for all that we are not alone.   Technologies related to extraterrestrial phenomena are capable of providing solutions to the global energy crisis, and other environmental and security challenges," says Dr. Greer.

The Disclosure team and selected witnesses will be meeting with members of Congress and conducting briefings to address these issues and call for legislation.

Wednesday, May 9th  (Press Only)
8 – 9 AM Continental Breakfast, 
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM – Overview by Dr. Greer;
Witness Presentations;
Release of Statement for Congress;
Questions Ballroom -The National Press Club
529 14th Street NW - 13th Floor Washington, D.C

NOTE: While the press conference is for press only, it may be viewed live on the Internet, on May 9th from 9 to 11 a.m. EDT, by WEBCAST at the following web site: www.connectlive.com/events/disclosureproject

Disclosure Project Contact:   Dr. Steven Greer  540-456-8302
                    Media Relations:   Janet Donovan      202-822-9318
                                                                                   [email protected]

4938 Hampden Lane, #161, Bethesda, MD 20814 s [email protected] s 202-215-8344


2/3/01 Update
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Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee                 

Update - February 3, 2001

(The new AOL 6.0 software has some glitches,  so please pardon any double postings. Thanks.)

Hickman Report

Paradigm Research Group has registered to lobby on behalf of the Hickman Report.  Each time PRG submits forms to the House and Senate on the UFO/Disclosure issues, it is noted by the political press which follow carefully every lobby registration.

Any organization which might benefit from representation in Washington may request a pro bono relationship by emailing PRG at:  [email protected]

Legislative Alert

On January 3, 2001, the very first day of the 107th Congress, Representative Bob Barr introduced H.R. 19 titled, "Terrorism Elimination Act  of 2001."   This bill is now in the House Committee on International Relations.

H.R. 19 has no other purpose than to revoke specific sections of three previous Executive Orders by Bush, Carter and Reagan prohibiting any agency of the U.S. government from conducting assassinations in the name of national security.

It is the role of Congress to foster policies which build trust with the American people, it is the role of the State Department to foster policies which build trust with the world's people, and it is the role of the military services and intelligence agencies to anticipate and thwart the evils of terrorism - not to emulate them.

It is notable that such a revocation could also be secured via a new Executive Order.   It would appear, therefore, Rep. Barr's bill is intended to provide a stamp of approval from the Congress and the American people.

No person has ever been indicted, let alone prosecuted, for effecting a death via assassination under the National Security Act.   The passage of such a bill would place investigative journalists and members of various activist movements, including the UFO/ET/Disclosure effort, at increased risk.   Trust in government will further decline.

X-PPAC will be urging all House and Senate members to lobby the House Committee on International Relations to reject H.R. 19 without compromise and to reject any effort by the President to obtain the same result via any new Executive Order.

Town Hall Meetings

An edited tape of the October 13, 2000 Santa Clara Town Hall Meeting is being generously provided by Ron Garner.  X-PPAC is prepared to hold a second Town Hall Meeting in Washington, DC at a major venue as soon as $5000 in new contributions have been received.   Which is to say, if just one supporter, who was wise enough to get out of the   dot.com stocks early, were to contribute the annual limit of  $5000 to X-PPAC, a date and venue would be immediately  secured to hold a 2nd UFO/Disclosure Town Hall Meeting in Washington, DC, likely during the month of March.

Alien Zoo

There are now 24 columns on the "Politics of UFOs" archived at the Alien Zoo website.   The intention of these columns is to establish an intellectual baseline for the pursuit of disclosure and open congressional hearings.   You will also find the writings of Jim Marrs, Paul Daivds, Michael Brownlee, and others.  Your  comments and critique are welcome.   

UFO Magazine

New columns and expanded versions of Alien Zoo pieces are now being published in "Worldview" in UFO Magazine.  X-PPAC strongly encourages everyone interested in this subject matter to subscribe to UFO Magazine so that it  can have the funds needed to drive investigative reportage. It is critical to have at least one broadly subscribed print publication in the field.  Having many small print and Internet publications is fine, but they do not have the critical mass to  report at the highest level.   UFO Magazine has survived  years of shakeout and is positioned to benefit greatly from even a few thousand new subscribers.

Disclosure Project

The Disclosure Project initiated by CSETI continues to move toward a major event sometime this spring.   Based upon the success of the documentary work to date, X-PPAC believes this event has the potential to trigger definitive congressional action. Individuals and groups within the UFO/ET research/activist community should prepare to move aggressively in support of this project in the aftermath of the initial public action.

Matching Offer

Every dollar contributed to X-PPAC between now and May 1, 2001 will be matched by the Executive Director up to $5000 (the annual personal limit). Contribution information is at the end of this update.

X-PPAC publicly discloses all of its financial activity.  This is above and beyond the FEC requirements.

Full Page Washington Post Ad

For those new to the Update List, a full page ad which addresses all of the key elements of the UFO/Disclosure issue is ready to be placed in the Washington Post, with or without signatures.   The cost of this placement in the  Post A Section will be $28,000.   X-PPAC believes that such an ad placed in the Washington Post just after the CSETI Disclosure Project event would be exceptionally powerful. Naturally there would he a host of national and international reprint options.

Note:  Since X-PPAC is limited to the FEC mandated annual $5000 personal limit, anyone wishing to provide larger funding could contribute any funds above that amount to Paradigm Research Group and the ad would be published as a joint project.

(Note: this text will soon be updated to reflect recent developments in the field and national politics.)

Email List

The future of political action lies with the Internet, and the power of any activist organization is directly proportional to the size of its direct email list.    If you know of anyone who is interested in these issues and would benefit from receiving future updates, please forward this one along  with your recommendation to subscribe.

4938 Hampden Lane, #161, Bethesda, MD 20814 s [email protected] s 202-215-8344


11/22/00 Update
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Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee                

Update - 11/22/00

David Jacobs at the National Archives

On Thursday, December 14, Dr. David Jacobs will speak at the National Archives, 700 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC on his new Book, “UFOs and Abductions: Challenging the Borders of Knowledge.”  There is no admission charge.   Reservations are advised.   Call 202-208-7345.

Dr. Jacobs is a Temple University history professor and the author of  “Secret Life” and  “The Threat.”

It is of some importance that Dr. Jacobs is speaking on this subject matter nine blocks from the White House.  For that reason a SRO attendance would make a strong statement.   Please pass the reservation number on to your friends and associates in the Washington, DC area.

Secrecy Reform Symposium in Washington

A full day symposium, “Government Secrecy in a New Administration and a New Century,” will be conducted on Tuesday, December 5, in the Ronald Reagan Building International Trade Center Amphitheater, 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC.

There is no charge, but pre-registration is required, and a registration form is available at the James Madison Project website: www.jamesmadisonproject.org/conferencesmainpage.html

Speakers:  John D. Podesta, Evan Thomas, Nancy Bernkopf, John R. Tunheim, R. James Woolsey, Steven Aftergood, Kenneth E. deGraffenreid, Bill Gertz, Anna  Nelson, Elizabeth Rindskopf Parker and Mark S. Zaid.

This is not light entertainment and is for the serious researcher/activist.    For such it is a rare opportunity to confront a major component critical to the resolution of the UFO/ET cover-up.

Town Hall Meeting Update

At this time the video of the Santa Clara Town Hall Meeting held on October 13, 2000 is being reviewed for editing and placement on the internet.  The extraordinary election still underway has delayed some of the post event followup, which will come later this year.

The concept was well received and reviewed.  As X-PPAC receives new contributions, more of these town halls will be held in other parts of the country.  www.x-ppac.org/TownHall.html

Coast to Coast AM

Stephen Bassett, Executive Director of X-PPAC, and Richard Dolan, author of “UFOs and the National Security State,” will appear on the Wednesday, November 22 Coast to Coast AM with Mike Siegel from 10 pm to 2 pm PST.     www.coasttocoastam.com

CSETI Delays Disclosure Event

The CSETI Disclosure Project which involves compiling comprehensive witness testimonies on video has moved its public schedule from January to early March.  This is a major project with significant implications.   The move is designed to accommodate extraordinary political developments and the demands of the project.  www.cseti.org


Presently X-PPAC and PRG are receiving about 3000 emails per month (not including spam).   This coupled with mail has created a serious backlog of correspondence.    Please pardon delays in responding to your queries and requests.  It will soon improve.

X-PPAC Fund Raisers

A plan to conduct fund raisers for X-PPAC on both coasts early next year is on the drawing board.  More later.

Paradigm Clock Debate Forum

The bulletin board software at the Paradigm Clock Forum was down and posts were not being forwarded.  That has been corrected.   Sorry for any inconvenience.  www.paradigmclock.com/timechangedebate.html

Lobbying Intensity

When Congress reconvenes and the new president takes office next year, the most intense lobbying effort to date will begin.   This is going to include direct engagement of members.   That would be an excellent time for any constituents to make their feelings known to their House and Senate members regarding the UFO/ET cover-up.

Alien Zoo and UFO Magazine

Columns on the politics of UFOs/Disclosure are being written for the Alien Zoo website and "UFO Magazine." www.alienzoo.com  www.ufomag.com

4938 Hampden Lane, #161, Bethesda, MD 20814 s [email protected] s 202-215-8344


8/20/00 Update
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Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee                 

X-PPAC Update - August 20, 2000

Bay Area UFO Expo - August 26, 27

The founder of X-PPAC, Stephen Bassett, will speak at the Bay Area UFO Expo on August 26 at the Doubletree Hotel in San Jose, CA. [www.bayareaufoexpo.com] This year's event has the potential to be the largest convention of its type ever held in the U.S. (aside from the 1997 UFO Exposition held in Roswell, New Mexico.)

The Power of Questions

In a receiving line on July 28, MUFON State Section Director Charles A. Huffer asked a question of candidate George W. Bush relating to the UFO issue. It took place on camera. Within hours it was tearing through the Internet. There was some confusion, as is to be expected. In a note sent to Paradigm Research Group, Charles A. Huffer clarified the encounter excerpted here:

Huffer: Half the public believes that they are real. Would you finally tell us what the hell is going on?
Bush:   Sure, I will.
Huffer: (Gesturing toward Cheney) This man knows. He was Secretary of Defense.
Bush:   And was a great one.

Later Huffer encountered Bush again in the hall. Bush recognized Huffer and, as recalled approximately by Huffer, unsolicited said:

Bush:    It will be the first thing he (pointing to Cheney) will do. He'll get right on it.
Huffer: Will you really?
Bush:    Yes Sir.

One question slipped into a receiving line creates a minor furor. On January 26, X-PPAC kicked off "Campaign 2000 - Get Out the Questions." [www.x-ppac.org/Get_out_the_questions.html] At this location there are crafted question to be downloaded and asked at campaign forums of national candidates. Since that time, there have been questions, but more are needed - particularly of the presidential candidates.

The experience of Charles Huffer makes it clear just how powerful a question can be. There's a first amendment, they have to campaign, we get to ask them anything we want - what could be simpler. A half dozen more questions asked of Bush and Gore on camera could flip media switches nationwide. There is still time. Questions are also located at other websites, including [www.caus.org and www.enterprisemission.com].
Media Schedule (Bassett)

  • UFO Magazine: In the upcoming Oct/Nov issue will begin a political column titled "UFOs Over Washington: The Politics of Disclosure."

  • AlienZoo: Weekly column every Wednesday on the "Politics of UFOs"

  • Bay Area UFO Expo: 5:30 pm PST, Saturday, August 26. Netcast at [www.UFOCommunity.com]

  • Nightsearch w/ Janet Russell: 10 pm EST, Wednesday, November 8. Broadcast on KRVL, 94.3 FM, Tucson. Netcast at: [www.nightsearch.net/indexmain.html]

  • Destination Space: Politics of UFOs Internet chat at 9 pm EST on the first Sunday of the month at [www.destinationspace.net]

Larry Bryant

MUFON and CAUS member, Larry Bryant, will appear in the Circuit Court of Alexandria at 520 King Street at 10 am or soonest on August 23 in regards to case no: CH000691 filed against Virginia Governor James Gilmore, III on behalf of Larry Bryant, Gretchen Condon and Evelyn Goodwin.  The case seeks a writ of mandamus in regards to the abduction issue as it affects citizens of the state of Virginia.

Surprisingly, there has been considerable media attention to this recent round of legal actions by Larry.  This is of note as Alexandria, VA sits across the Potomac River from the nation's capitol.

X-PPAC updates

From this point forward X-PPAC Updates will be going out with greater frequency as a number of various initiatives begin to take shape.

Links Summary

AlienZoo:  http://www.alienzoo.com
Bay Area UFO Expo: http://www.bayareaufoexpo.com
CAUS:  http://www.caus.org
Destination Space:  http://www.destinationspace.net
Enterprise Mission:  http://www.enterprisemission.com
Nightsearch: http://www.nightsearch.net
UFOCommunity.com:  http://www.ufocommunity.com
UFO Magazine:  http://www.ufomag.com

4938 Hampden Lane, #161, Bethesda, MD 20814 s [email protected] s 202-215-8344


9/7/99 Update
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Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee     

Update - September 7, 1999

A joint update from Paradigm Research Group (PRG) and the Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee (X-PPAC) on activities and developments surrounding the politics of UFOs/disclosure. Previous updates are archived at the X-PPAC and PRG websites.  Some recipients may also receive this update via email. Those not on this updates list can get on by emailing: [email protected].


X-PPAC was founded on July 13, 1999, had a limited public announcement July 21, 1999 on the Art Bell Show and has begun receiving contributions. It is the first political action committee in history directly targeting the politics of UFO/ET phenomena. It is an independent, unconnected PAC. To the initial contributors, "Thank you for making a statement. Beyond the funds, you have set the table and made it 'ok' for others to follow."

While X-PPAC has attracted considerable media attention (see below), there will be extensive promotion of the existence and purpose of X-PPAC over the coming months via radio and internet appearances. A schedule of appearances will be maintained at: http://www.paradigmclock.com/speaking&eventschedule.html

X-PPAC may soon exert influence over several developing initiatives. They are:

  1. Press conference at the National Press Club

  2. April/May 2000 rally in Washington, DC

  3. UFO State Ballot Initiative

  4. Washington Post full-page ad/statement to the Congress and the Executive


The future of political activism, political campaigns, and social change lies with the internet and interactive media – specifically websites, email, and talk radio/television. To put this in perspective, consider the following: the raw cost of sending a comprehensive mail piece to one million citizens is about $500,000. Contributions must cover that amount before any funds are available for directed purpose, which in the case of campaigns, is often a nauseous stream of short, trite and expensive commercial television spots.

Using basic technology it is possible to send an email piece to one million citizens for a raw cost less than $100 – 5000+ to 1. Websites permit comprehensive campaign positions or social statements to be available nationwide, 24 and 7. Talk radio/television provide nearly unlimited time for expanded discussion and presentation of ideas and political platforms. More importantly, unlike the traditional methods available to a limited number of funded organizations, the new paradigm in social/political change is available to any group or person.

Thus we have an extraordinary irony. At the exact same time our constitutional republic is being converted into a national security state by an out-of-control military industrial complex, we are entering the golden age of political activism. Paradigm Research Group is dedicated to using the second half of this potent irony to ensure the first half does not come to pass. The next and most challenging PRG project will be to assist in creating a massive, informal coalition of UFO/ET organizations, websites, mail lists, companies and media to seek common purpose.

In that vein, any  research or activist organization desiring representation of its interest in disclosure and open government is invited to contact PRG.  Lobbying and consulting assistance is offered without charge.

Status Report

All of the pieces are in place, save one, for a sustained, multifaceted political drive forcing the UFO/ET phenomena issue into the very important state and national elections in 2000. Additionally, this drive can result in full, open congressional hearings for government witnesses to events and evidence regarding extraterrestrial related phenomena, and the end of the 50-year cover-up. These pieces are as follows:

  1. The signature collection process for the State Ballot Initiative will begin in several states and continue through the balance of 1999 until the fall of 2000. It will attract considerable media attention during this time as a mainstream political process targeting an issue with extraordinary implications. PRG will soon complete a comprehensive web presence for the USBI and donate it to MUFON to use as it sees fit.

  2. A successful collection process will mean an election event in November of 2000 as millions of American citizens formally vote for the first time in history on the UFO/ET issue in a national election. Just the prospect of such a vote will exert considerable pressure.

  3. A national, non-FOIA lawsuit has been filed in Phoenix, AZ by CAUS, which will tactically raise the UFO/ET issue in conjunction with Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution. This will also attract mainstream media attention and will play itself out though the balance of 1999 into 2000.

  4. The national Open Congressional Hearing Petition (not to be confused with the USBI signatures) will be promoted heavily along with X-PPAC and begin to attract media attention as the number of signatures becomes sizable.

  5. If contributions to X-PPAC are sufficient, it will fund the Washington Post ad and target placement right after the end of the year.

  6. Continuation of an ongoing backdrop of UFO/ET documentaries with increased political content airing on both cable and network channels.

One piece is missing which PRG and X-PPAC are willing to assist in providing.

It is long past time for the UFO/ET phenomena reality and government cover-up to be addressed by a major political rally in Washington, DC. Not a demonstration, march or protest - a political rally attended by an appropriate count of citizens and residents reflecting the importance of the issue - who will listen to political, research and media presentations and make their desires unambiguously clear to a sizable press contingency and to the leaders of the nation.

PRG is prepared to immediately begin the significant work required to hold such a political rally. X-PPAC is prepared to hold a substantial press conference at the National Press Club which forcefully brings the entire picture regarding the national drive for Congressional hearings to the entire political media, while simultaneously announcing the intent to hold a political rally in April/May 2000.

What are the particulars and what is required for this final piece to be put in place?

April/May 2000 in DC

  1. The number of attendees to be a minimum of 100,000. A rally of one or two thousand is not appropriate. It is time for the citizens and residents of the United States to decide if they are prepared to become full partners in the most profound process in all of human history or treat disclosure and contact as just another television program to spectate. If there is not an extraterrestrial presence in our world now, such a rally would be only modestly relevant (secrecy reform). If there is, and be assured there is such a presence, such a rally must reflect the importance and power of the issue.

  2. Throughout the promotion for this rally, RSVPs by fax, phone, email, and mail will be requested and compiled by PRG. When the RSVP count is at 100,000 the rally will be locked in. The standard 50% no-show rate will be mitigated by the remaining promotional efforts. [Note: 100,000 is somewhat of a magic number for breaking through to the next level. If 100,000 citizens signed the national petition, 100,000 signed UFO State Ballot Initiative requests, 100,000 contributed to X-PPAC and 100,000 come to a political rally - the UFO/ET cover-up is going to end. It doesn't have to be the same 100,000, but you get the point. Numbers count when it comes to politics and policy. The numbers are there, many times over. Only an act of collective will is required. Are we educated, free citizens of a constitutional republic, or are we potted plants - some suggest mushrooms - to be occasionally watered with nonsensical explanations or ignored all together?]

  3. PRG will carry the responsibilities of permits, media promotion, national website presence, and securing speakers. However, such an event cannot take place without a substantial national coalition of interested parties. A political rally of this quality and magnitude is a challenging opportunity for the complex segments of this vast movement to put aside their personal and professional differences in focused service of this event.

The World Wide Watch launched by the MSN UFO Community and Diana Botsford recently provided an excellent example of such a process. Organizations from around the world quickly came together for an interesting and worthwhile goal. A similar process is underway with the SETI Home program.

It is not to minimize the substantial issues between persons and groups to say that we all have much more in common and stand to accomplish so much more if these differences can be set aside, if only to create an event driven, temporary, national coalition.

The long term interests of 6 billion human beings depends upon the ability of the current array of organizations, websites, mail lists, UFO/ET media and individuals to come together in common purpose. A partial list of such entities is provided at the end of this update, along with web URLs and email addresses. It is not complete, but gives a sense of how large and varied the movement has become. It also includes examples of organizations with parallel concerns such as the Federation of American Scientists (secrecy reform) and the American Gulf War Veterans Association (tactical cover-up). The addresses are provided for those who might convey suggestions of the merit of a coalition to hold the largest rally of its kind in history.

What would be asked of those who wish to formally support this effort?

  1. No organization funds are requested. X-PPAC and PRG will provide the funding for the rally and press conference. However, any and all assistance will be welcome in promoting the existence and purpose of X-PPAC, so the public for whom these efforts are aimed can contribute to the history being made.

  2. Coalition members would agree to consistently promote the rally via their mail lists, websites, and media appearances in drum beat fashion on through to the event.

  3. Coalition members would permit their name to be listed on press releases, the national website, and other materials as a supporter of the political rally event.

  4. Over the last 3 years PRG has received numerous offers of volunteer support. All those making such offers have been sent this update and will soon be contacted on how they can directly engage the work. Naturally, any such offers from coalition participants would be helpful and welcome as well.

What are the likely particulars of this rally?

  1. It will be held in the last week of April or the first week in May. This is about as good as it gets for visiting the nation's capital.

  2. It would be held on Federal land with permit.

  3. Every attempt would be made to get members of Congress to address this gathering along with speakers from the movement itself.

  4. The signatures from the national Open Congressional Hearing Petition would be presented to representatives of the House and Senate at the event.

  5. A website with all required information and a national number would be set up by PRG.

  6. An intense and comprehensive effort will be made to fully inform every media base in the country well in advance. Every investigative, political reporter in the country will know this rally is taking place.

All would begin with a press conference. The particulars of this PC would be:

  1. Targeted dates are September 27, 28, October 3 or 4 - all at 8 to 11 am.

  2. The location would be the main ballroom of the National Press Club.

  3. During the first 45 minutes the following would announced to the media:
    a)  the launch of the political rally process
    b)  the full picture of the political initiatives underway through Nov. 2000
    c)  the creation of the largest coalition in the history of the UFO/ET
          research/activist movement.
    d)  information about X-PPAC
    e)  the nature of the developing government witness pool and the scope of
         their likely testimony
    f)  the remaining time would be for questions from the press.

  4. discussions are underway with possible presenters.

The potential impact of a broad based, national coalition on the press cannot be overstated. Such an event-centered coalition will, in the minds of hard-nosed reporters, meet threshold requirements affecting editorial leeway.

Both UPN and Fox News Washington are doing expanded pieces on X-PPAC and the politics of disclosure. Both have indicated a willingness to incorporate this press conference into these news pieces. This is of some significance. The process of putting on the press conference, the people presenting and the aftermath become a story in and of itself, providing another dimension to the issues at hand. This is an excellent opportunity and indicates how the politics of disclosure is working its way up the news media hierarchy

This update has been sent to about 2000 recipients, including every entry on the list below. Every organization, website, mail list or media who can agree to informal coalition will add weight to this press conference and insure a serious reception. Response options are as follows:
   Email: [email protected]
   Fax: 301-990-0199
   Mail: 4938 Hampden Lane, #161, Bethesda, MD 20814
   Phone: 202-215-8344

[Note: a formal name for the proposed rally to end the UFO/ET cover-up has not been decided upon. Any suggestions are welcome and can be sent via the contact info above - the sooner the better. Thanks.]

Other items of note:

Rally to End Secrecy

Another coalition will hold a political rally in Washington, DC on October 24, 1999, at noon on the steps of the Capitol. Remy Chevalier [[email protected]], a friend of the UFO/ET field, is a good contact. Information about this event, which targets the secrecy reform issue in general, can be found at http:www.endsecrecy.com. October is also an outstanding month to visit DC.

X-PPAC Funding

Contributions have passed the $1000 mark. FEC rules for PAC funding are as follows:

  1. Contributions are limited to $5000 per individual per year.

  2. Contributors must be U.S. citizens or residents with green cards.

  3. Contributions are not tax deductible.

  4. Contributors of more than $200 per year must provide name, address, occupation and name of employer.

  5. Regular financial reporting must be made to the FEC [Note: X-PPAC also posts all financial transactions of the PAC on its website within 48 hours.]

Secure credit card capability is in the offing. Mailed funds would be made out to X-PPAC and sent to: X-PPAC, 4938 Hampden Lane, #161, Bethesda, MD 20814

MSN UFO Community (Forum) Moves

One of most heavily traveled, comprehensive websites covering UFO/ET phenomena is expanding at a new location. Here is the press release:

"Something wonderful is going to happen"!
                …...2010, The Movie

In a bold new chapter of exploration, we say farewell to MSN on August 30th and embark on a new website that will premiere later this fall entitled: DESTINATION: SPACE (http://www.destinationspace.net).

Expanding on our coverage of the UFO phenomenon, DESTINATION: SPACE will provide coverage and a home for community on topics including:

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