Stephen Bassett - Executive Director

Stephen Bassett is a political activist and lobbyist.  He is the founder of Paradigm Research Group (PRG); Executive Director of the Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee (X-PPAC); author of the Paradigm Clock website; and political columnist/commentator for websites, publications and radio programs.  X-PPAC (pronounced expack) is the first political action committee in history to target the political implications of UFO/ET phenomena.  Presently Mr. Bassett is the only registered lobbyist representing UFO/ET research/activist organizations.   Between April 19 and November 5 of 2002 he was an independent candidate in the Maryland 8th District congressional election.  The campaign, titled Disclosure2003, was the first instance of a candidate on the November ballot of a federal election raising the issue of an extraterrestrial presence and a government imposed truth embargo.   He has a BS in physics from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Since 1996 Mr. Bassett has assisted a number of organizations and initiatives making the case for 1) an end to a government embargo on the truth surrounding an extraterrestrial presence, and 2) the need for open congressional hearings for government witness testimony to UFO/ET events and evidence.   He has spoken to millions of Americans about the likelihood and implications of a formal disclosure event.

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Alfred L. Webre - Board of Advisors

Alfred Lambremont Webre is a former Fulbright Scholar and graduate of Yale University, Yale Law School (Yale Law School National Scholar), and the University of Texas Counseling Program.  Webre was General Counsel to the NYC Environmental Protection Administration and environmental consultant to the Ford Foundation, futurist at Stanford Research Institute, and author.  He has taught Economics at Yale University (Economics Department) and Civil Liberties at the University of Texas (Government Department).  Alfred Webre has been a delegate to the UNISPACE Outer Space Conference and NGO representative at the United Nations (Communications Coordination Committee for the UN; UN Second Special Session on Disarmament); elected Clinton-Gore Delegate to the 1996 Texas Democratic Convention; and a Member, Governor's Emergency Taskforce on Earthquake Preparedness, State of California (1980-82), appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown.  Mr. Webre produced and hosted the Instant of Cooperation, the first live radio broadcast between USA and the then Soviet Union, carried live by Gosteleradio and NPR satellite in 1987.  Mr. Webre is a space activist, working with non-profit coalitions to prevent the weaponization of space.  Alfred Webre's most recent book is Exopolitics: A Decade of Contact (2000  He is a member of the District of Columbia Bar.

“As Senior Policy Analyst in 1977 at the Center for the Study of Social Policy at Stanford Research Institute (now "SRI International", Menlo Park, California), Alfred Webre was Principal Investigator for a proposed civilian scientific Study of extraterrestrial communication, i.e. interactive communication between the terrestrial human culture and that of possible intelligent non-terrestrial civilizations.  This proposed Study was presented to and developed with interested White House staff of the Domestic Policy staff of President Jimmy Carter during the period from May 1977 until the fall of 1977, when it was abruptly terminated. 

“The over-all purpose of the proposed 1977 Carter White House Extraterrestrial Communication Study was to create, design and carry out an independent, civilian-led research compilation and evaluation of phenomena suggesting an Extraterrestrial and/or Inter-dimensional intelligent presence in the near-Earth environment.

“The designed outcome of the Study was to have been a public White House report, detailing the compiled evidence and evaluation, together with possible scientific models for the implications of the research.  The White House report was to have contained public policy recommendations emerging from the evaluations and conclusions of the Study. These, if warranted, included transformation of secrecy regulations of U.S. military-intelligence agencies.”  

“The scientific and public policy goal of the proposed 1977 Carter White House Extraterrestrial Communication Study was to fill a substantial gap in civilian scientific knowledge of the UFO (Unidentified Flying Object phenomenon), Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBEs), and related phenomena.  This knowledge gap was created and maintained by excessive secrecy practices and regulations of U.S. Department of Defense and intelligence agencies in the various generations of its UFO-programs since the late 1940s, including but not limited to Project Grudge and Project Blue Book, as well as other alleged secret programs.

“Historically, the U.S. government and research agencies proposed for the 1977 Carter White House Extraterrestrial Communication Study were:  

From ““The 1977 Carter White House Extraterrestrial Communication Study” by Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd (January 2003).


Richard M. Dolan - Board of Advisors 

Richard M. Dolan holds an MA in History from the University of Rochester and a BA in History from Alfred University. He earned a Certificate in Political Theory from Oxford University and was a Rhodes Scholar finalist.  Prior to his interest in anomalous phenomena, Dolan studied US Cold War strategy, Soviet history, and international diplomacy.

His 500-page study, UFOs and the National Security State (second edition, 2002), is the first volume of a two-part historical narrative of the national security dimensions of the UFO phenomenon from 1941 to the present. Included are the records of more than fifty military bases relating to innumerable violations of sensitive airspace by unknown objects, demonstrating that the US military has taken the topic of UFOs seriously indeed.

Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell has called Dolan’s book ‘monumental,’ while Dr. Hal Puthoff, Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin, has declared it to be "a must-read for serious students in the field."

Dolan has appeared on nationally televised documentaries, and has been interviewed many times for national and regional radio programs on the theme of UFOs and government disclosure. He has been a featured speaker at the International UFO Congress, the International MUFON Symposium, the Aztec UFO Symposium, and elsewhere.

In addition to currently writing volume two of his study, Dolan has published articles on anomalous phenomena, science, and the intelligence community.