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July 8, 2007 - At Roswell Festival, Doubt Is an Alien Concept - William Booth, Washington Post

November 13, 2006 - In Search of ... Lobbying Clout: Only Full-Time UFO Lobbyist Struggles to Attract Attention - Roll Call

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November 18, 1999 -  Editorial: Why All The Spooky Publicity? - by Paul McGoldrick, Chip Center

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November 8, 1999 - The new space race: The Pentagon envisions a war in the heavens, but can it defend the ultimate high ground? - by Richard J. Newman, U.S. News

November 5, 1999 - Australian Government Confirms Global Spy Agency Exists - by John Howard, Scoop

November 2, 1999 - World Global spy network revealed - by Andrew Bomford, BBC Online

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October  8, 1999 - Feds curious about high-tech conclave on extraterrestrials: Source: NASA agent probes Silicon Valley meeting with UFO theorist - by Matt Beer, San Francisco Examiner

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September   30, 1999 - Business: The Economy - CIA invests in Silicon Valley - BBC News

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August 25, 1999 - Legislation would set declassify task anew - by Deb Riechmann, Associated Press

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August 18, 1999 - CIA Said to Rue Its Longterm UFO Cover-Up - by Robert Scott Martin,

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August 16, 1999 - Digital Nation: U.S.-British Cyber-Spy System Puts European Countries on Edge - by Gary Chapman, Los Angeles Times

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August 4, 1999 - Europe Blows Whistle on that Great Eavesdropper, the NSA: The top secret agency is spying for the U.S. in ways that other nations find increasingly alarming and intrusive. - by Simon Davies, Los Angeles Times

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July 22, 1999 - Pentagon Defied Laws and Misused Funds, Panel Reports - by Tim Weiner, New York Times

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June 3, 1999 - Congress, NSA butt heads over echelon - by Daniel Verton, Federal Computer Week

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May 27, 1999 - Lawmakers Raise Questions About International Spy Network - by Niall McKay,  New York Times, Cybertimes

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May 7, 1999 - European Parliament Debates Wiretap Proposal - by Niall McKay,  New York Times, Cybertimes

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November 17, 1998 - European Union may investigate U.S. global spy computer network - by Daniel Verton &  L. Scott Tillett, Federal Computer Week

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Nov. 16, 1998 - Echelon: Surveying Surveillance - by Will Rodger, Inter@ctive Week: ZD Net

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Nov. 12, 1998 - Push for hearings on Echelon: Global spy system needs scrutiny, says rights group - by Stephan Archer, World Net Daily

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Oct. 27, 1998 - Spying on the Spies - by Niall McKay, Wired News

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Oct. 5, 1998 - Did EU Scuttle Echelon Debate? - by Niall McKay, Wired News

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Sept. 30, 1998 - Eavesdropping on Europe - by Niall McKay, Wired News

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April 14, 1998 - Dutch Law Goes Beyond Enabling Wiretapping to Make It a Requirement - Bruno Giussani, New York Times, Cybertimes, Eurobytes

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March 16, 1998 -  Estes urges Congress to help fulfill 'promise of space' - Air Force News

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February 24, 1998 - European Study Paints a Chilling Portrait of Technology's Uses - by Bruno Giussani, New York Times, Cybertimes, Eurobytes

(a must read)

August 12, 1988 - Somebody's listening: and they don't give a damn about personal privacy or commercial confidence - by Duncan Campbell, New Statesman

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Special Report on U.S. Led Spy Satellite System Echelon - by Duncan Campbell

Private White Paper

Inside America’s Secret Court: The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court - by Patrick S. Poole

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