Citizen Hearing
4938 Hampden Lane, #161, Bethesda, MD 20814
Phone: 301-990-4290    Cell: 202-431-2459

Executive Director

Stephen Bassett
Bethesda, MD
Phone: 301-990-4290
Email: [email protected]


Board of Advisors
[Advisors will be sought in three areas: legal, congressional and research.]

Alfred L. Webre, JD, MEd   [legal, government]
Vancouver, BC
Email: [email protected]

Author: Exopolitics

Richard M. Dolan, MA   [research]
Rochester, NY
[email protected]
Author: UFOs and the National Security State


Member Committee
[A quorum will be at least five former Members of Congress - two Republicans, two Democrats and a Member Chairperson known for bipartisan, independent thinking.]

[To be negotiated.]


[Staff will include up to four attorneys to counsel Committee Members and witnesses, aides to the Members during the Hearing, as well as ushers and other support personnel.   Most staffing will be on a volunteer basis, although some paid positions may be available, if the level of funding is sufficient.]

James Boka  [computer, network and telephone setup and maintenance]
Paul Nahay, DMA   [research, Committee aide]